Alton National Park

Coordinates: 27°59′23″S 149°18′48″E / 27.98972°S 149.31333°E / -27.98972; 149.31333
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Alton National Park
Alton National Park is located in Queensland
Alton National Park
Alton National Park
Coordinates27°59′23″S 149°18′48″E / 27.98972°S 149.31333°E / -27.98972; 149.31333
Area5.58 km2 (2.15 sq mi)
Managing authoritiesQueensland Parks and Wildlife Service
See alsoProtected areas of Queensland

Alton is a national park in the Balonne Shire local government area of South West Queensland, Australia.[1]


Alton National Park is 371 km west of Brisbane and 75 km east of St George, adjacent to Moonie Highway. It covers 5.58 km2 (2.15 sq mi) of land within the Brigalow Belt South bioregion. The park is divided by the Moonie Highway and surrounded by grazing properties.[2] The average elevation of the terrain is 225 metres.[3]


Alton National Park was declared in 1973.[2] The area was preserved because it contains vegetation of limited occurrence, interesting plant species and attractive wildflowers.[2] A total of four rare or threatened species have been identified within Alton.[4] It is also home to 191 different species of animals.[5]


Alton has tourist potential, although at the moment visitors must be self-reliant.[2] The park has no facilities for campers.

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