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This is a list of notable spies or alleged spies by the country in which they worked for.


  • Igor Gouzenko was a cipher clerk at Soviet Embassy in Ottawa. He defected in September, 1945 with Soviet documents on KGB activities in Canada and elsewhere. For some, his defection and revelations represents the start of the Cold War.
  • Sir William Stephenson (codenamed Intrepid) Canadian championship boxer and businessman who ran British Security Coordination in NYC from before to near the end of WWII (see British Security Coordination: The Secret History..., NY, Fromm International, 1999: A Man Called Intrepid, 1976, is entertaining but often unreliable

Czechoslovakia (StB)[edit]

East Germany (Stasi)[edit]



Israel (Mossad)[edit]


  • Marian Zacharski - Polish Intelligence officer arrested in 1981 Among other things, he won access to material on the then-new Patriot and Phoenix missiles, the enhanced version of the Hawk air-to-air missile, radar instrumentation for the F-15 fighter, "stealth radar" for the B-1 and Stealth bomber, an experimental radar system being tested by the U.S. Navy, and submarine sonar.
  • William Bell

The People's Republic of China[edit]

United Kingdom (MI5/MI6)[edit]

  • Robert Baden-Powell, operated as a spy during the Boer War while fronting as a rather goofy naturalist who chased butterflies around Boer fortifications and drew his intelligence on the pictures of the specimens he caught.
  • Michael Stokes and Harold Shergold SIS (Secret Intelligence Service/MI6) officers who helped run Penkovsky, Shergold debriefed George Blake
  • Janet Chisholm wife of UK diplomat and courier contact for Penkovsky
  • Noel Coward, joined the secret service at his own insistance and used his society connections and reputation to his advantage.
  • Sidney Reilly the so-called 'Ace of Spies', may have ended as defector to Soviets during last penetration mission
  • Greville Wynne UK international businessman recruited by SIS as a courier to and from Penkovsky, arrested in Budapest and tried with Penkovsky
  • Francis Walsingham was one of the earliest known spymasters. He worked for Queen Elizabeth I.

United States (CIA)[edit]

  • Robert Amory Deputy Director of CIA (& WWII Marine officer) during Bay of Pigs planning, excluded by Allen Dulles from the project
  • Moe Berg
  • Joseph Bulik CIA case officer helped with Penkovsky
  • Adamski cover name for Polish trade official recruited by Clarridge
  • James Jesus Angelton CIA counter intelligence chief for decades
  • Richard Bissell CIA Deputy Director of Operations who planned Bay of Pigs operation, and who worked with Kelly Johnson of the Lockheed Skunk Works to develop and deploy the U-2 aircraft before schedule and under budget (see J T Richelson, Wizards of Langley: Inside the CIA Directorate of Science and Technology, 2001)
  • Charles Bohlen an 'anti-spy' as ambassador; when his CIA station chief and several others were compromised by Soviet female agents, he asked that all CIA personnel be withdrawn
  • Duane 'Dewey' Clarridge longtime CIA field agent (NE & SE Asia) and administrator pardoned by GHW Bush for Iran-Contra involvement; was Aldrich Ames' supervisor (See A Spy for All Seasons, 1997, Scribner's).
  • Jack Downing CIA case officer who ran Ogorodnik
  • Allen Dulles OSS spymaster in Bern, Switzerland, during WWII, later Director of the CIA
  • Sheffield Edwards CIA officer who liased with Mafia boss Sam Giancana regarding the assassination of Fidel Castro (early 60s)
  • Jake Esterline CIA Bay of Pigs trainer/planner
  • Nathan Hale spy/courier for Americans in Revolutionary War, executed by British Army
  • William King Harvey CIA (though first FBI) officer whose idea the Berlin Tunnel (Operation Gold) was while Chief of the Berlin Operations Base; debriefed Whittaker Chambers and Elizabeth Bentley, supposedly demanded recall of Kim Philby from the US in the early 50s (see Murphy, Kondrashev, and Bailey, Battleground Berlin: CIA v KGB in the Cold War, Yale Univ Press, 1997)
  • George Kisevalter CIA case officer/handler who 'ran' both Popov and Penkovsky
  • Ryszard Kuklinski - was a Polish-born colonel and "Cold War" masterspy, who passed top secret Warsaw Pact documents to the CIA between years 1971 and 1981
  • Jack Hawkins CIA Bay of Pigs trainer/planner (former Colonel)
  • Aleksandr Dmitrievich Ogorodnik code name TRIGON, Soviet diplomat who 'walked in' to work for CIA in Bogota Columbia in 80s and later in Moscow
  • Oleg Penkovsky GRU Colonel who became an agent in place for the CIA (after an attempt at contact via students in July 1960 on the Moskvoretsky Bridge in Moscow) and whose information was very important during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Influenced by the example of Colonel Charles Maclean Peeke, US Army, whom he met in Ankara Turkey ('55-'56) (see Schecter and Deriabin, The Spy Who Saved the World, Scribner's, 1992)
  • Pyotr Popov GRU Major who became an agent in place for the CIA beginning in 1953
  • Gary Powers pilot of U-2 which crashed in the Soviet Union. Exchanged for Colonel Abel after trial and conviction
  • Paul Redmond the 'George Smiley' of the CIA; helped uncover Ames
  • Konstantin Volkov Soviet diplomat in Turkey whose attempted defection to the US was betrayed (probably by Philby). He was kidnapped back to Moscow.
  • Diana Worthen CIA colleague of Ames in Mexico, reported suspicions about him in 90
  • Harriet Tubman
  • Fritz Kolbe German diplomat who passed secret Nazi documents to the US embassy in Berne from 1943 until 1945. Described by the CIA as the most important spy of the Second World War

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