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The Spanish-language Wikipedia has recently got the facility to use interlanguage links. In the spirit of international cooperation, you may like to check the pages that we have that link to the Spanish Wikipedia, and check that they link back to the English and other Wikipedias. You can do that by following the link to the Spanish article and then adding e.g. [[en:(article name)]] to the article at the bottom.

There is a list here of all the pages we have that link to the Spanish Wikipedia, to assist in this process. Please also transfer any other language links you find here to the corresponding Dutch or German article (for example, the Main Page is linked to several different languages). Please remove pages from this list when fixed/checked.

Note that in some cases topics may be divided up or disambiguated into article pages differently in the various language sections. If you're not sure how to make a clean link between the same topic in two languages, put the link in the "Problem links" section at the bottom of this list.

Also, note that the capitalization of some Spanish article titles has changed from the old software's All Caps Titling; make sure links from here to there are correct.

To be checked[edit]



Many year and date pages also link around; dates should be checked over for capitalization as well. If you want to go over them, see the long long list in an earlier revision of this page.

Problem links[edit]